Partnerships for International Student Exchange Service-learning

Since 2012, Union Christian College, Aluva, has collaborated with International Christian University, Japan, to foster a remarkable student exchange program rooted in Service Learning. This initiative has been a beacon of cross-cultural understanding and community enrichment.

In the spirit of Service-Learning, our students have engaged in a diverse array of activities aimed at uplifting both local and global communities. They have dedicated their time and skills to education, environmental preservation, cultural preservation, and women’s empowerment.

From volunteering in local schools to nurture young minds, participating in ecological conservation projects, to preserving the rich tapestry of our cultural heritage, and championing the cause of women’s empowerment, our students have demonstrated unwavering commitment.

This partnership has not only facilitated academic growth but has also nurtured global citizens with a profound sense of responsibility and empathy. Together, Union Christian College and International Christian University continue to shape a better world through the transformative power of Service Learning.

Students Exchange Programme with International Christian University, Japan.


From ICU to UCC

The International Service Learning (ISL) 2023 started on a high note this year as we had five students from International Christian University, Japan visiting our campus. This is the highest number from ICU thus far opting to do SL at UCC. The prospect was encouraging and exciting for the SLC. The five students from ICU were Mena Kawakara, Misaki Kachi, Momoko Mori Han, Suyeon and Haruka Ishisha. However, one student had to return to Japan after a week due to health reasons and programme continued with the other four students. The programme was held from 24 July to 23 August, 2023.

From UCC to ICU

Ms. Ayushi Sabu and Ms. Uthara Menon of first year BSc Psychology attended the Japan Summer-Service Learning Programme (JSSL) from 4 July to 26 July 2023. Along with 19 students from other universities, their service-learning included learning waste segregation, scavenger hunting, visit to Higashi elementary school and Tenryu elementary school, documentation of the history of Tenryu, visit to eggplant field cooking with village mothers in Sakabe and cooking party.


The International Service Learning (ISL) 2022 was held offline from 20 July to 17 August 2022. Two students from International Christina University, Japan: Ms. Endo Mirai and Ms. Okuno Megumi attended the programme.


From ICU to UCC

The International Service Learning (ISL) 2021 was held online due to the COVID pandemic based on the theme “Tread to the New Normal”. Three studets from ICU: Ms. Mayu Kishi, Ms. Wakabe Nagase, and Mr.Hiromu Takahashi attended the programme held from 28 July 2021 to 2 July 2021

From UCC to ICU

Due to the COVID pandemic, the JSSL 2021 was conducted online. Two students from UC College, Joyal Basil (BA English) and Rose Pinky (BA Malayalam) attended the programme from 26 June to 27 July 2021. They were joined by 17 stduents from various International universities.


From UCC to ICU

Mr. Cyriac Augustine (II BSc Zoology) and Ms. Merin John (II BA Economics) attended the Japan Summer-Service Learning Programme (JSSL) from 3 July- 31 July 2019.

Along with a group of sixteen students drawn from various parts of Asia and the USA, the two students from UC engaged in supporting activities at farms, elementary and junior high schools, and facilities for elderly adults.

From ICU to UCC

Mr. Keita Ichikawa, Ms. Minami Nagaoka, Ms. Mayuko Sato, and Mr. Natsuki Oka from ICU Japan visited the campus and engaged in service-learning as part of UCC-ISESL 2019, from 22 July- 19 July 2019.


From UCC to ICU

Ms.Susanna Sijo (II BSc Psychology) and Ms. Gowri Renjith (II BSc Psychology) attended the Japan Summer-Service Learning Programme (JSSL) from 4 July to 1 August 2018.

From ICU to UCC

Ms. Yuiko Kajiki, Ms. Hana Kuraoka, Ms. Yumi Miyake, and Ms. Konomi Toda from ICU, Japan visited the campus and engaged in service-learning as part of UCC-ISESL, 2018. Theyparticipated in various activities as part of service-learning from 23 July – 20 August 2018.

From UCC to ICU


Ms Soorya T Joy, BSc Physics


Mr Atul Sanil Joseph, BA Economics


Mr Amal T Anup, BSc Psychology

Collaboration with Fu Jen Catholic University Taiwan

In January 2019, eleven students under the leadership of Dr. Miao-Ju Chwo and two staff from Fu Jen Catholic University, Taiwan, articulated in the 14 day Winter Service-Learning (IWSL-2019) from 18 January to 31 January at Union Christian College, Aluva.