Research and Publications

Department of Psychology​:

An assessment of social development and intellectual functioning of children who attend WE CARE special school ​was done on 1s​ January 2018. Each student assessed one child. They used Vineland Social Maturity Scale and Seguin Form Board Test. This has helped the special educators to make Individualized Education Plan as well as Vocational Rehabilitation Plan for these children. Students got an opportunity to interact with and assess differently abled children and they also got training in psychological report writing.

An assessment of socio demographic details, specific occupational skills and quality of life among the general public ​was done by thirty-two students of V semester B. Sc. Psychology of 105 families residing in Ward 7 of Karumalloor Punchayath, near U.C. College in the month of December 2017. The objectives of this activity were (1) To provide students an opportunity to interact with general public as well as understand the life of people who belong to the lower socio economic group. (2) To understand their occupational skills and based on this introduce a cottage industry to support their economic status.

The Department of Psychology, with the support of UBCHEA, embarked on a transformative service learning project in 2017. This project aimed to provide a unique experiential learning opportunity for both undergraduate and postgraduate Psychology students while addressing the critical issue of substance abuse within our cultural context.

Publication and Presentations


  • Eye- Openers: A service-Learning Initiative withThe Blind by Dr. Justin R Nayagam
  • International Student Exchange Service-Learning by Dr Justin R Nayagam, Malini R and Akhila Narayanan

Dr Justin R Nayagam


  • Invited speaker in “International Christian University, Tokyo, Japan” on March 1, 2019, in the International Conference on Service Learning
  • Invited lecture in “International Christian University, Tokyo, Japan” on August 5, 2018, in the Japan Summer Service Learning
  • Presented a Paper entitled “Eye Opening service learning with the Blind “ 9in the international Conference – 6​th Asia Pacific Regional Conference on Service – Learning, Petra Christian University, Indonesia. May 28 to June 2, 2017.
  • Presented a paper entitled “Experimental Service-Learning for Blind Student Development through Regional Partnership” in the International Service – Learning Symposium at Lingnan University, Hong Kong, March 11 – 12, 2016.
  • Presented a paper entitled “Stewardship of Water through Ensuring Sustainable Development of River Banks” in the 4​th Asia Pacific Regional Conference on Service – Learning, held at Hong Kong and Mainland China, during June 6 – 7, 2013

Research Paper presentation – National

  • Presented a paper entitled “Attaining Best Practices through Service – Learning Service Learning” in the national conference – An Emerging Experimental Learning Process in India, Christ University, Bangalore, July, 2017 and E-SAIL March, 2018.
  • Presented a paper titled “Integrating Biodiversity Study in Service Learning: A Multidisciplinary Approach” at the 9th Asia Specific Regional Conference on Service-Learning held at Christ University, Bengaluru from 19-21 July 2023.

Moderator/ Session Chair

  • Moderator, session Chair and resource person ​6th Asia Pacific Regional Conference on Service – Learning, May 28th to June 2nd , 2017. Petra Christian University, Indonesia

Dr Malini R

  • Participated in the 6th SLAN (Service Learning Annual Network) Meeting, entitled “Service-Learning in Asia: Models & Best Practices in Course Design and Evaluation” held at De La Salle University on 8-9 June 2018, Manila, Philippines. She presented service learning updates at UCC and its new directions.

Dr Syna Soosan Abraham

Resource Person

  • International Service Learning Workshop. Organizd by Fu Jen Catholic University, Taipei, Taiwan from 20-26 November 2017


  • Dr Justin R Nayagam, Dr Thara K. Simon & Dr Malini R Book Chapter titled “Evoking Eco Consciousness Through Service Learning” in Food for Thought: Service-Learning Research in Asia
  • Dr Justin R Nayagam, Dr Malini R & Akhila Narayanan “Service-Learning Under the New Normals and Beyond”, Service-Learning in the Era of “New Normal”: Reflections on the Modes of Service Learning and Future Partnerships (p. 36-47), 2021
  • Akhila Narayanan, Dr Malini R & Dr Justin R Nayagam International Service-Learning: Proposal for a Multi-dimensional Model for Student Selection”, International Journal for Research on Service-Learning and Community Engagement (Vol.10: Issue 1:9),ISSN: 2374-9466, 2022.


  • Dr Jenish Paul and Akhila Narayanan particpated in the South-Asian Service-learning Virtual Consultations organized by UBCHEA on 21 August, 18 September and 16 October 2020. Presented a proposal for institutional service-learning on 20 November 2020